I just had my first exams today, but I felt pretty relaxed about it. I’d already done enough preparation during the course in where revision was a very relaxed experience of a combination of gaming and studying. It got me thinking about the blog Steve Pavlina wrote 10 tips for college students:

And like Steve says:

“During finals I was probably the least-stressed student of all.  I didn’t have to study because by the time the final exam came up, in my mind the course was already over.  The test was just a formality.”

I felt that exact way about my exam. It was just a formality because I felt like I knew everything I needed to know about the course.

When I think about it, my course in IBA is very relaxed if you just do your preparation as early as you can. Get ahead as soon as you get the books, and life will be very relaxed. That’s my focus for next trimester as well. I shouldn’t have tried to stay with the class; I should’ve just gone at my own pace because otherwise I’ll feel like it’s all too easy and I won’t even try, which ironically causes me to not get the grades I want. My approach to my studies is currently, similar to Kaizen, “If it’s not a 10, you can do better”.

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