Gamer generation

It’s amazing how advanced games have become. They’ve become almost as intricate as movies are from multiple points of view. I was watching this trailer of a game called Dead Island. Watch it here:

Probably the saddest trailer I’ve ever seen in any game. You can really see sometimes that they put a lot of effort into making a good story out of a game, to get that extra emotional involvement. The amount of realism that goes into games today also keeps amazing me. Like the new Battlefield 3 that’s coming out soon. Watch it here:

I mean I thought I was watching a cinematic at first, but this is actual gameplay footage. Holy crap. The technologies that are being used to craft games are as well becoming more advanced and they’ve even used professional actors in L.A. Noire in order to attain a realism never before achieved.

If this is today’s world, where will we be tomorrow?

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