Introverts and Extroverts

The difference between introverts and extroverts is pretty different. Somehow, I fall right in between, making me able to talk to both sides. It seems that the extremes of both sides find it harder to communicate however. Here’s the story…

Yesterday, I went to play basketball around the block because my roommate told me there were some Chinese people there playing. I thought “Great! Some people to play basketball with that live in my neighborhood. Lets go meet them.” So I went there and approached one of the dudes, asking if they wanted to play a game. So we did. It was alright playing basketball against them. I must say it wasn’t very challenging because they kept trying to do tricks that failed, and it was easy to block them.

As we played a few games, some other dudes from the neighborhood wanted a challenge, so we played 2 Chinese peeps and me versus the other guys.

First of all, its funny how we interacted. The group that came had a pretty extroverted leader, as he approached me asking if we wanted to play. He actually just took the ball and started playing, because I looked at the Chinese people to see if they were up for it. It wasn’t my ball so I was just waiting for the Chinese people to react, but due to their introversion, they let me control the situation so I was like “fuck it, lets play”.

The, what I call, followers of the other guys were kind of feeding off the leader’s extroversion, feeling very comfortable around him, being extroverted themselves, making jokes, calling one of the players “Yao Ming” because he happened to be pretty tall, and also saying “Konichiwa” after scoring. I tried to tell him that it’s Japanese but he didn’t get it.

That basketball game was interesting. It was like a Venn diagram where you had the new guys being all loud on their side, the introverts quietly getting on with their jobs, and me in the middle in the overlap, as I was the only one saying shit to them. That kind of expressed who I am as well.

They won the game, beating us 5-4. I was the only one who congratulated the other team individually, thanked the Chinese people for letting me play, and left.

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