I will initiate conversations

I think I’ve come to realize that I’m in less of a need of social connection in contrast to other people. I realized this as I overheard some girls’ conversation about planning to meet up to eat dinner together because they felt pretty lonely being locked up in their room studying, not talking to people. I’m by myself right now because I need to study…and I really couldn’t care less.

This has good as well as bad side-effects. The bad side effects are that I might not talk to people I might know for great lengths of time, which does not allow me to establish a deeper connection with such people. On the other hand, the people I do spend time with might value the time I spend with them more, therefore this time will be a richer experience for the both of us.

The thing is, most of the people I meet are not going to match my personal interest. They have different goals in life, they have different tastes, and they have different morals in which they live by. The only way I’m going to attract people of the same interest, is to do the things I experience value from.

I wouldn’t go as far as to consider myself “anti-social”. If anything, I have really noticed that 99% of people never initiate conversation with a new person… which makes me part of that lonely 1%. Pun intended. What I learned when I studied the art of pick up, is that you really just have to put yourself out there, and take a blind leap… and that’s a useful tool that I still use today. Be fueled by curiosity, and don’t be afraid to fail because the road to success is paved by failure. You’ll see who your real friends are along the way.

If I want to find interesting people, I’d have to do interesting things. Simple as that. Be interested, and be interesting, and all the interest in the world will interest you with their interest, subsequently increasing everyone’s interest. Just do it.

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