Looking through new spectacles

Going to university has really given me perspective when I look into the world. Because of my course in International Business Administration, I started to look deeper and more defined at what happens around me.

I remember standing in a fast food chain and looking at the processes that were happening behind the counter. I was actually fascinated by the system that people thought of in streamlining the production process. Its actually hard for me to walk into a place like that and not think about queuing times, inventory levels, and production processes.

I like my course because it really teaches everything business related, which I find useful because business is everywhere. It also puts me in a mindset of “How can I give value to people around me by the creation of a system?” which I try to do in the little projects I undertake.

I really like university life. I don’t really see a reason to rush things when I can instead take my time to savor this moment. I inherited a lot of the freedom that I have, and for that I am grateful. I study because education will give me more freedom, and give me the tools necessary to carve new paths, which will open new doors. I owe it to myself to help those in need, and for that I will fight.

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