Seeing yourself change is most clear when you look at yourself through other people. Especially friends you haven’t seen for a long time. Today, I met up with a couple of dudes I knew back from when I lived in Almere 2-3 years ago. It was good seeing them, catching up to see where everybody’s going with their lives. They hadn’t really changed, but you feel that you have, having taken a step further away from your comfort zone.

I feed off the change I’ve had in my life and I can see myself being adapted and evolved. Especially compared to people I knew way back in the day like in my primary school. They remained cemented in their personality, whereas I have definitely had some major character breakthroughs, to seek the life I truly want. Not that there’s anything wrong with being the same person, its just that I find it harder to relate because of the distance that I covered in my personality when I knew them and when I met them again. Personal development has been a big part of my life because I’m still seeking for the life I truly desire.

Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr.Spencer Johnson is a great read which describes really well what I’m talking about. Read it. You’ll like it. To sum it up briefly, there’s cheese in life (the stuff you want) and there’s a maze you have to go through to find that cheese. But it takes people a lot of courage to step into that maze rather than leave the comfort of the place they’re already in, even though the cheese of that place doesn’t taste good. At the moment, I believe I’m in the maze, using my nose to find the cheese and its really that smell that keeps me going because I know I’m getting closer. I’ve chosen to step outside my comfort zone, and that is the change some people need to get what they truly desire. Be brave, be bold, be beautiful.

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