Recently, I’ve been thinking about why I work out. It seems like a lot of people work out because they want a certain shape and look that their body has. I thought that’s what I wanted as well, but I realized that’s not what motivates me. I get really bored of doing hundreds of sit-ups and Pilate type exercises that I don’t find entertaining. On the other hand, I don’t mind rowing 5000 meters and getting nasty blisters on my hands or playing basketball and getting nasty blisters on my feet or doing Taekwondo or Boxing and feeling like you want to puke afterward. I care more about what my body can do, than what it looks like.

I’ve been to the gym twice this week and usually warm up with rowing, because hardly anyone uses those machines, then move on to upper body workouts like the pull down bar, pull ups, and bench pressing. I also like using the weighted ab machine. I sometimes also do my Shaolin workout in the gym to keep up with my flexibility and also to rest my upper body from the weight lifting. Often times after going to the gym, I’ve also been going to basketball and that is really the icing on the cake for me.

Basketball is great, because most people there don’t have the agility that I have. For some people it might be the feeling of dunking that defines basketball- mine is the feeling of cross-overs. Its the fakes, the drives, and the quick direction changes that gets me fueled for the sport. And I must say, I definitely feel like a key player when we play. This got me thinking about maybe joining the university’s basketball team. I should at least try.

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