Improvisation and acting

I’m working on a presentation right now that I have to do tomorrow, based on the company I’ve done research and analysis on for the past few weeks. It got me practicing my presentation skills and I realize that you need a lot of energy to get your audience interested. I also realized how much I actually like the feeling of going up there and giving a good show, whether its music, acting or speaking.

In the past, I’ve done quite a bit a of acting thanks to my international school in Thailand, investing a lot of their resources in excellent (drama) teachers, a professional stage and an awesome music and art department to back it all up. I actually really liked drama but found it hard to continue it after I didn’t choose the subject for my IGCSE’s and rather chose to focus on music. I later got back into drama after I moved to Holland where we did a lot of improvisation as well as stage acting. The improvisation was the best because I already had the experience from when I was back in Thailand. I remember feeling good after I did an improvised scene on the theme “paranoid guy driving a car”- making people laugh that hard is great.

After Almere, I never really got into acting again because of a lack of opportunity. So I focused on my other skills.

I got rein-touch with my acting after the intro week in Erasmus where I took a look at an acting class to see how it went down. They did it in dutch, which was hard for me, so my acting was kind of shabby. I really wanted to improve my acting skills. It was pretty funny to see people get out of their comfort zone and be a different character.

I didn’t do anything until now, when I realized, that I like to be on stage and entertain people. That’s why I want to do this presentation good, because I enjoy doing it. I kind of strayed off by watching Who’s Line is it Anyway? so I’m gonna go back to it. Here’s a clip from that anyway:

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