Developing visible abs

So using the philosophy of living more naturally, I want to develop abs. Some of the things I will be doing are:

  • Rowing at the gym, keeping good posture.
  • Playing basketball, keeping good posture with the dribble and jump shots.
  • Doing more push ups, pull ups, and dips- very easy to do at home, in random sets.
  • Playing flute and singing, focusing on my breathing.
  • Skating, when it’s dry. Surfing and snowboarding when I get the chance.
  • My Shaolin workout when I feel like it, to keep my flexibility up and to improve circulation.

I also want to try out kettle bell workouts because it resonates with what I believe and its something new I need to try. All of the above seems like a very doable list and I have already been doing most of it anyway throughout my life. Now I just need to turn up the volume.

For some reason, I find sit ups and other direct ab exercises very boring. I’d do 50 push ups over 50 sit ups any day. I want to see how high I can peak my natural fitness and see if I can extend it for a lifetime, just doing things I enjoy.

When it comes to food, I don’t think I have to really worry about what I eat that much, as long as I stock up enough on fruit and vegetables. That’s just my feeling. I don’t really gain fat, so I really just listen to my cravings. My cravings usually don’t consist of much junk anyway; usually when I get cravings, I raid the house for quality, not quantity- sometimes I don’t find what I’m looking for, so I settle for the next best alternative. I should actually write down what I crave. I’m craving a sandwich right now, with lettuce, cheese and a honey-mustard sauce, so I’m gonna go.

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