Living Naturally

So since a few weeks, I’ve been trying out different things about what works for me, mostly focusing on my health and fitness. My most inspiring read on that lately has been The Primal Blueprint, which really got me thinking about how to improve my lifestyle. What I got from reading that is that I should experiment with living more naturally, which involves exercising, eating and sleeping in way that I feel is right.

Some of the changes I’ve made in exercise so far is that:

  • For the last few weeks, I’ve been regularly going to the gym. I go at least twice a week.
  • I play a lot more basketball, having found a group of people that meet up to play every week.
  • I do exercise when I feel like it, letting my body recover on the days I don’t.
  • I skate when it’s dry.

Some of the changes I’ve made in eating is that:

  • I regularly eat fruit.
  • My meals are usually built around vegetables as their main focus.
  • I started eating eggs on a regular basis.

Some of the changes in sleeping is that:

  • I take naps everyday, usually before dinner.
  • I wake up naturally (i.e. without alarms going off)

Some other changes:

  • I step right into the shower without waiting for it to warm up. I end my shower by finishing cold.

What I’ve noticed mostly by applying these changes is that I feel a lot better. I feel a lot more positive, and live a lot more in the moment because by living more naturally, I address my needs by feeling. If I feel like I need to run a mile, that’s exactly what I’ll do. If I feel like I need to have some productive time, I’ll sit down and study. If I feel like I need to get out there and socialize with people, I’ll find people. Being a student gives me the flexibility to do everything in my own time and I’m loving every second of this freedom.

That’s one of the reasons I want to start a business as well, or rather, to create systems that create value for people: I let these systems run, and they create value by a minimal amount of input from myself. Of course it’s difficult to set up these systems in the first place, but that’s why I study business. Passive income is the key to economic freedom.

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