Keeping in touch with people

I remember when we were in Thailand, and there were signs that my family would be apart for a while; we couldn’t sustain our lives there financially anymore so my sister moved back to Holland, soon to be followed by my dad who found work in Amsterdam. Me and my mom were still in Thailand, making the most out of what we had. Our lives were completely different I realized, so I decided to keep in touch with my dad and my sister by writing a blog.

I remember how it would get my thoughts off my head, and relax me when I wrote stuff down, at the same time keeping me connected to people that cared about me, and what I did. I should be doing that a lot more I now realize.

I’m not really good with facebook. I only check out my notifications, and that’s it, not really taking time to scroll through the homepage. I realized there’s really only a handful of people I’d like to see updates from, and I’d see much more value in friendships that are qualitative rather than quantitative.

The point is, there’s a lot of noise on facebook, and sometimes you just want to tune down, and focus on noise coming from just one source. It’s like writing emails to someone you really care about. You want to tell them everything, and you want to know everything about them, wishing they could reply sooner.

To the family and friends I’d like to hear some noise from.

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