Use every minute

So after I had a lecture the other day about how to achieve your goals, and after I got a personal experience in how to study, I’ve decided I’m going to change.

In my lecture, I learned that you can achieve what you want by doing small chunks of it throughout the day. This goes for everything. Research showed that a person that did 100 consecutive push ups a day would benefit just as much as someone who did 10 times 10 push ups split throughout the day. That got me thinking. And it got me acting. I do my shaolin workout everywhere I go now, not just at home. I do it waiting for the bus, waiting for my pasta to cook, waiting for my computer to start. There are so many opportunities everyday where the best use of our time would be to work on our bodies. I consciously make a choice how I spend every minute.

Speaking of working in small chunks, I realized that my studying methods were definitely not the most successful. I think it was a miracle that I somehow passed IB. Maybe because I was just determined to do so. But my studying had completely no structure I now realize. Going to classes of the Student Achievement Program got me to focus on what I wanted, and how to get there. I want to achieve high grades for uni, that’s the goal. And I’m doing what I can to get there. I talk about what I learn to people all the time now. I discuss concepts, and join people who are already studying. I take better notes now. I keep small notebooks in where I can note down everything from the lectures, and the books. Although I’m not there yet, at least I’m on my way to getting there, and that’s a big change to how I did IB.

Be productive in every minute, and you will see the long term results.

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