Creating Value

Creating value; I think about it a lot. I think about creating value in almost every situation- when I think about business; when I simply talk to people; when I think about life. I want to create value because it makes me feel good. I see value in entrepreneurship, creating business out of nothing. I see value in making people laugh, brightening their day, making them feel special in one way or another. I don’t expect anything in return, because I naturally feel valued by being of value, for being who I naturally am. Once you realize who you want to be, you start working harder to achieve to be that person, and there’s this sudden wave of momentum that carries you forward into being what you want to be.

It’s funny because, I had to watch ‘The Secret’ again to remind me of this. Your thoughts manifest your reality. Whatever you think about, you get. It’s the confidence of believing you can do something that gets you there. It’s the focus you can put on that thought, the discipline to stick with a one track mind. If it’s something you’re passionate about, that makes it easier, and you’ll actually enjoy working hard to achieve that goal. Make a plan for yourself, because nobody’s got a better plan for your well being and success other than you. I’m not saying other people don’t give out good advice- they do. I’m saying you know you, better than anyone knows you. It’s up to you to make the most of opportunity, and also create it for yourself. “Be brave, be bold, be beautiful” as my economics teacher would say when  he explained how to best draw your economic diagrams. Remember what makes you feel good, and recapture that feeling. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in getting there; make it a habit to boldly fail at something small at least once a day- you’ll surprise yourself one day by succeeding. Love, understand and respect everyone for who they are, because deep down, they are part of you. Love, understand and respect yourself, because so will everyone else. Take part in introducing new things in your life- create new habits; replace old habits with better ones; give structure to the tower you want to build, and just think of how great it would be to rise above the clouds, letting the sun and the stars reflect off your majesty.

Explore the possibilities. It all starts right now.

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