Relationships are present everywhere around us.

What is a relationship?

A relationship represents a form of connection between the perceiver and the perception.

How do our relationships affect us?

My assumption is that our relationships affect the way we feel. Healthy, balanced, harmonious relationships tend to make us feel more positive, and a disconnected relationship causes a negative feeling. This can also be seen as people with positive relationships tend to be the ones that wouldn’t want to swap their lives with that of anyone else. They tend to be the happiest. We can establish a relationship with so many things- people, the weather, physical objects… anything that is within our consciousness. But how do we establish a positive relationship with these things?

I got the idea from writing this blog when my dad was complaining about the weather. We were moving stuff into our new apartments, and as soon as we arrived at the destination, ready to unpack, it started raining. My dad was like ‘of course it has to rain when we’re moving’ with a frown on his face, but I just couldn’t get upset about it, so I started laughing at his reaction and the fact that it was raining when we were about to move stuff out. My dad’s relationship with the weather has always been very fragile.

To establish a positive relationship with something, I think the first lesson is that you accept things as they are. “Acceptance is simply the absence of resistance.” I believe this is true for any relationship. Take my dad’s relationship with the weather. It seems as though he can’t accept it raining, or that he can’t accept rain being uncontrollable. Therefore he is seen to react to it negatively. His solution is moving to another country, which works, as it eliminates the relationship.

I think after some kind of acceptance has been formed, the next step is to establish some kind of traffic within a relationship; the give and take within a relationship. Taking the weather as an example, there are positive and negative aspects to every climate; we take what we can out of the positive aspect, and we give our care and patience to what we perceive as the negative aspects. Sometimes giving and taking become the same thing. I think in a good relationship, there is a balanced amount of traffic in both directions. In a one way traffic relationship, there is only taking. People do this all the time: they take so much from their environment without showing any appreciation or gratefulness for it. It’s like someone hands you a gift, and you don’t even say thank you. Learn to appreciate your present environment.

Don’t ask what your environment can do for you, ask what you can do for your environment.  Make the world a better place 😉

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