When my friend asked me about my tattoo, it reminded me why I got it, and why it had a meaning to me. My standard answer was “enlightenment”. Then he asked “what does that mean to you?”

To me, enlightenment means living more consciously. To understand the way in which I live. To come to a way of life where I am able to shed light into the darkness.

Speaking of tattoos, I’m also looking forward to engraving my body with more. At the moment, I’m thinking of doing half of my body in a Japanese/Hindu style, which goes well with the koi carp. This side would also represent my mother, my roots in Asia, and my love and interest for Asian martial arts and philosophy.

The other side of my body would represent my dad and how his influence led me to a love for watersports. Therefore a Maori tribal style, or something of the like would seem appropriate for that side, to reflect a surfer lifestyle for me. It would mostly represent my love for boardsports and water, which have been manifested by the influence of my dad and sister. It would also represent the music I listen to, mostly relating that to Jack Johnson, Bob Marley and Chili Peppers… kinda like the tattoos Donavon Frankenreiter has. The contrast in style represent that my roots lie in two places; a split between two cultures.

Before, I have also done a henna of wings on my back. That would still seem like a possibility to me, but it would represent my success and freedom at a point where I live in a level of abundance created by my own hands… so not just yet 😉

I think tattoos make people’s personalities more bold, and make it clearer to understand who someone is. Get one if you believe it yourself. Believe in yourself.

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