Mind games

So I’ve been living with my cousins for 2 weeks now. I’ve been hanging out a lot with my 14 year old cousin, playing a lot of games, which has really kind of developed the look at my way of thinking about energy.

For example, the first game we played was chess. In chess, I ussually start out with a general strategy. Where do I want to get? And how will I get there? After that, its all tactics. How will he react if I do this, and what opportunities does that give me? My cousin doesn’t really think, rather choosing to “feel” his way through the chessboard… which ends up being a losing strategy.

What I noticed after a number of games of chess, four-in-a-row, Stratego and Gears of War on the side, the interaction between the two of us became a bit more competitive in the sense of “I’m going to kick your ass you little shit”. That’s when it starts getting fun to mess with his head, and play another form of game- mindgames.

The thing with him is that he finds it hard to let go of things that I say, whereas I have no problem letting go of all the crap that comes out his mouth. To me, its all just a game of action-reaction. A verbal little chess game. The amount of abuse he hurls at me is, is I guess pretty normal for any 14 year old who is trying to get the upperhand. Through him, I’m developing my understanding of dealing with energy.

“If someone offers you a gift and you decline to accept it, to whom does the gift belong to?” If I decline to accept the energy he is giving me, I make sure I don’t fuel his behaviour. What also works for me, is that I accept whatever he claims. Because I choose to lose the discussion, it takes away the power he has over the conversation because I did what I wanted. A sarcastic tone ussually also helps. He started calling me “droog kloot” by the end of my stay which is dutch slang for sarcastic-piece-of-shit, but literally means “dry testicle”. Good times.


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