Give & Take

Recently, I’ve learnt something new about myself. It’s about the way I relate to other people, and actually, how I relate to this world in general. I realized that in order to have a succesful relationship of any kind, there has to be an element of giving and taking. Too much giving, and you end up damaging yourself. Too much taking, and you end up damaging that which is around you. The trick is to find the balance.

I’ve learnt that through my selfishness, I have often put myself first before anyone else. How would this benefit me? What would I get out of it? What do I want? I noticed that I just didn’t put the effort into thinking what I could do for others. It hit me when I pushed it too far at my host parents house. After all the things they’d done for me, I went and asked them if I could do chores around the house for money. I went too far, and I realized it. I should’ve been doing those chores without asking anything back, because of what these people have given me- food, shelter, and space in their lives. I was taking, without giving much back. I know I was wrong, but I couldn’t help but feel like a parasite living here, because I do not have equal rights in the house. It makes sense, because let’s face it, I was a guest, coming to live with them as more or less a stranger.

I am more aware, to say the least, of what goes on around me. I take more interest in the lives of those closest to me, and make more of an effort to give value to them. I’m focussing on the give & take part of any relationship, and strive to become a more conscious person in doing so. It’s bigger than you and me- its harmony.

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