If you like boarding, you have to check this out.

This is the direction I personally want to take longboarding to, although I’m still stoked about learning how to dance on my dancer (a longer longboard). However, being able to slide like that, and just ride it with such a freestyle to it is what I think I want to be doing. I want this board!!!

If you like any type of boardsports, you will love longboarding. It is the urban version of snowboarding. It really is the closest feeling to it.

The first thing I noticed about it, is that it is easy to learn to ride it. It is much easier than skateboarding because it has the stability, and the smoother, bigger wheels. Although you probably won’t go down a half-pipe with it, the adrenaline you get from a nice downhill run gives enough of a kick to get those glands working.

Second, longboarding is not as discriminant as other boardsports. It is open to a wider age range, from kids that have just learnt to stand, to those skateboard veterans who actually gave up on skating 20 years ago. This is because it is a much more stable, and smoother ride than skateboarding, therefore injury ussually only comes to those who push themselves, and take risks, which aren’t even necessary to be able to have fun on it. Girls are also more prone to longboarding than skating because, unlike skating, longboarding can be made to look more gracefull and feminine, especially on a dancer.

Finally, a longboard serves as a pretty decent transportation device. Bikes are usually too big to be able to be carried on to busses and cars without carriers, therefore it’s size makes it appealing. Longboard speeds can be as fast as a relaxed biker, and are definitely more fun to ride on than a granny bike.

Holland is actually a great place to go longboarding. The bike path networks here usually consist of smooth roads, and also some of the cities have some parking lots which makes up for a great playground 😀 I could definitely see more people doing this, especially some other boardsporters I know. My sister got me hooked. Now it’s my turn to get them 😉

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