So now I got the time, I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection and evaluation. Also been doing a lot of thinking about life. As a matter of fact, I constantly think about life. Recently I’ve started watching a few David Deangelo seminars, and this guy is really great. I’ve been thinking about change, and why I want to change, and how to change. There’s in fact a great book on change called “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. Read it. You’ll like it.

How do we change? By changing our habits. Which is easier said than done. I’ve noticed people around me also striving to change. Like my host parents- they’re trying to change by regularly eating breakfast, which they often skipped before. At the moment, I’m trying to think of how to make change inevitable. My host parents make their change inevitable by laying out breakfast the night before, so that when they wake up, all they have to do is spread some sandwiches, and done. It’s a good strategy because it’s working 🙂 Another example of David Deangelo was this man who had a drinking problem. He had to change, or he would die in a year. What his therapist told him was not in the lines of trying to stop the man drinking, but make the opportunity cost for drinking greater than if he wouldn’t. So his therapist told him: “Drink all you want, BUT every time you want a drink, you have to walk 5 miles to the liquor store.” Now 5 miles takes some time to walk, and slowly, the notion of having to walk 5 miles just to get a drink starts to deteriorate the relief of drinking.

What I’m personally trying to change at the moment is to create a more healthier, stronger, flexible body. Just because I believe it will do me good in the future, and because I want to be able to pull of athletic maneuvers dancing, skateboarding, or when doing my martial arts. It would just feel so cool if I was able to pull off a back flip, followed by a windmill you know? And I believe I have the potential to do so in a relative short amount of time.

So what am I doing to change? I’m skateboarding regularly every day. I just started, so I’m focusing on the basics like turns, manuals and the occasional Ollie. It doesn’t take much to motivate me to skate, so that’s no problem. However, it’s a lot more fun when you do it in a group. So I’ve gone to skate parks to try and get these 12 year olds to teach me something.

I’m also stretching a lot to get myself flexible. I do a Shaolin Kung Fu workout which helps my flexibility and endurance. However, I need to try and get myself to do this more regularly. So here we go: how do I make this change inevitable?

Well what’s stopping me from doing it every day? First of all, the notion of having to move muscles does not appeal to the lazy side of my brain, although when skating, its seen more as playing. So I could make the workout seem like a game. I could also say that, if I don’t do my work out, there will be an opportunity cost that will be greater than if I don’t do it. I could tell a friend that if I don’t do my work out, I owe them 20 Euros. That could actually work if I find that certain friend I could report to.

But just to be clear, why do I want to change? Because I believe it will make me a more disciplined, healthy person, both in mind and body. Doing a Shaolin workout everyday will do me good in more ways than just one. It’s in a way my daily meditation. It’s a way to find my center, and become a more balanced out person. So I think it’s time to start 😉

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