Positive and negative moods- its all just energy

Its funny how things sometimes fall together. The last 2 posts came out of a place of negativity, and a sort of need for an understanding of my negative state. Which I believe I got over since Im in a positive state now. I think to get an understanding of my positive state would also make be able to control my state better, therefore its good to blog in both states.

I was watching National Geographic today, and a show called “The Dog Whisperer”. Its interesting to see how dogs can reflect your own personality. There was this woman who was very passive, and this dog took control over that passiveness so that he became the boss of the house, which actually should be the other way round. The dog doesnt control your life: you control the dogs life. Anyway, so the program taught her to be more assertive and that change in a person’s energy was just the result in a change of attitude. This was also evident in the dog, it being more happy, and in a state of mutual respect with its owner. And it struck me that dogs can teach people this.

I’m also in a good state just because its sunny. That makes a world of a difference. I got my shit together for prom which involves getting my suit ready, buying some shoes and hair products, and getting my dates sorted. Yes. I have 2 :). I got rejected from the girl I asked first so this was my plan B. I know exactly why I got rejected. Its the way I worded my question of asking her to prom. I said “Do you need a prom date?” which would imply some kind of desperation on her side with the use of the word “need”. Probably not a good first step. But whatever. I was made to learn. So I asked my other dates “Do you want to be my date along with girl A?” which first of all, comes over much more personal since they’re going to be MY dates, and it emphasizes a want, not a need, therefore it makes it obvious that they have the freedom to choose. They both said yes. Like I said. I was made to learn ;).

I’m really stoked to finally starting to get a lift off with a real independant lifestyle. No more house rules. No more restrictions with exams or school. Freedom. I have to thank my parents for the freedom that I’ve always been given because they acknowledged that they had smart enough kids that knew what was right and wrong- at least most of the time :P. I believe kids know most of the time whats right and wrong- what I’ve seen a lot is that kids do the opposite of what they’re told just to rebel. Sometimes you have those kids that always listen to what their parents tell them. But as soon as they get out of the house, all boundaries go out the window. From one extreme, to another in just a blink. Freedom is important for me, and I value it. I believe I’m responsible enough to take care of myself, and keep myself organized. And going to uni next year allows me for such a fresh start- a clean slate, which is good since im already starting to get into the habit of doing the right thing.

This is just another blog. A diary of the thoughts I have. I could go on and on because we never really stop thinking. I’d like to look into Chan/Zen Buddhism a bit more. Anyway. Enough. Time to study šŸ™‚


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One Response to Positive and negative moods- its all just energy

  1. Eline says:

    Bro! This made me smile so much šŸ˜€ so thanks, I needed it šŸ˜‰ You’re a very clever young man aren’t ya. And it’s good to hear you’re acknowledging the parents like this šŸ™‚ Oh yeah..! The dog whisperer is good innit!

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