Raw food diet

So I decided to do a raw food diet trial. This is only partially raw food because I still want to eat normal dinner with the folks I’m living with. Raw food for breakfast and lunch. I’m going to monitor my progress using a blog and I’ll comment on how I’m feeling day to day and see how it all goes.

Day 1

I slept enough today, but I was on very low energy levels. I had a spinach-banana smoothie thinned with water for breakfast and I had 5 bananas for lunch. I also just came back from sunny Philippines so maybe less exposure to sun over here caused my energy levels to drop as well. Otherwise, I’m assuming the diet has some kind of J-curve effect which means it has to get worse before it gets better. Feeling unfocussed with subjects like maths, and dutch. English was better because we were actively doing something, and interacting a lot.

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