Day 2

Day 2

Had a very early sleep. So woke up at about 3:30 today. Then started working on a mathematics Internal Assessment project. Had a smoothie consisting of spinach-banana-cucumber thinned with water. This is a good combination because the freshness of the cucumber complements the banana’s sweetness. I made a smoothie for lunch as well but had trouble finding a container, so I’m taking the whole blender to school. I’m writing this before lunch so we’ll see how it goes. The school’s smoothie consists of banana-spinach-cucumber-tomato. The taste of the tomato is very dominant. I really want to try to get a hold of dates to make my smoothies sweeter because I am a bit of a sweet tooth. If I could get mangos, that’d be awesome too. And maybe some avocado. Most fruits I want grow in the tropics, which kind of sucks when living here.

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