Day 2 (continued)

It’s great seeing so many people react when I brought my green-smoothie to school. I’m looking forward to continuing my experiment but there may be a few problems i could encounter. This has to do with keeping my household supplied with enough fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds I’m going to need in order to satisfy my hunger, and satisfy the cells in my body.

I was thinking that if I did go fully raw, I would probably still cook some rice for dinner in order to get my carbohydrates. I would opt for 80% raw.

Today I was still hungry after school, which I would’ve otherwise been anyway with my regular sandwiches. I really feel a difference when only eating fruit and vegetables- I can feel it in my stomach. I was a lot more alert today then I was yesterday, but maybe it has nothing to do with my raw food diet. My mood is more positive than it was yesterday as well. I do have a big dehydration problem though, meaning DRINK MORE WATER. Coming back from school, I immediately ate some almonds and two bananas. And a few cranberries, but they taste better sun dried.

The reason I’m doing my raw food diet in the first place is because I simply want to see if I can endure eating raw until dinner, and if that isn’t a problem, I might want to go raw with dinner as well. Raw food gives a lot of energy, apparantly, because it doesn’t require the body to detoxify itself of the toxins that cooked food gives. I got the idea from:

Steve Pavlina experimented with different diets and says that raw food has given him the best results. His aproach to personal growth really appeals to me. That’s why I started experimenting, fine-tuning, and tinkering with my own life in order to achieve better results. A different diet seems like a good place to start. What works for me?

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One Response to Day 2 (continued)

  1. Eline says:

    FYI: carbohydrates aren’t just found in things like rice and potatoes.. fruits = sugar = carbs 😉

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